Export our Balinese & Indonesian Wood Furniture/Products

Welcome to our Indonesian/Balinese Wood Products and Furnitures.


This is our big "Sasha Global Export" Wood Furniture selection. We are proud to offer you a wide range of Indonesian and Balinese Wood Furniture and Home Decor products. The export of Teak Wood Furniture, Recycled Teak Wood Furniture, Teak Wood and Bamboo Combination Furniture, Rattan and Woven Furniture and Products as well as Mohogany Furniture what we can offer to you. 

The export of Indonesian/Balinese Wood Furniture is our main business in addition to the export of Natural Stone Products. In this business sector we have very good knowledge and relationships with our suppliers, manufacturers and shipping companies. Due to our years of experience and our quality management, we can guarantee that only high quality products from Indonesia & Bali will be exported to you.


Hundreds of satisfied customers can confirm this! From us you get what you really ordered, and this in an unbeatable quality at affordable prices. 


We show on our online page the Furniture / Wood Products (from Teak, Rattan, Bamboo and Mahogany) as they really look, right after the production. We have intentionally decided to set our Wood Furniture pictures so that our customers are not deceived by beautiful catalog pictures. We will export the furniture from Bali without bad suprises for our costumer. Our customers really appreciate that.





Mahogany Furniture

Recycled Teak Wood Furniture


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