Bali Sourcing Agent - We Procuring your Indonesian & Balinese Goods

Would you like to source unique products from Bali, Indonesia? No problem with Sasha Globals Sourcing Agent Service!

You need a local Negotiator or Bali Sourcing Agent because you have no time to visit Bali?

Or, you come to Bali to search for products, but you don't want to gild your entire stay with the search for the right products and manufacturers and also want to have time for the beautiful things? The Solution is a Sourcing Agent!


It can be really exhausting and time-consuming to find the right places and shops for the products you need. Not only because of the traffic and the heat, but also because many unique production sites are not on the main street and therefore difficult to find. Often the most beautiful products are made by family businesses that have their production facilities hidden in the "backyard".

For more than 13 years we have been sourcing and exporting products from Bali and Java all over the world.



We offer our customers professional services:


Bali Product Sourcig

Unsere Experten unterstützen im Bereich Management und Corporate Governance.

Bali Sourcing Tour

Wie bieten für diverse Branchen Beratungsdienstleistungen und unterstützen bei der Erreichung von schnellen und qualitativ hochwertigen Ergebnissen.

Pick up and Drop

Sie werden bei Rechts- und Compliance-Fragen in Bezug auf Ihr Unternehmen von unseren sehr gut ausgebildeten Experten beraten.



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