Bali Sourcing Agent - We Procuring your Indonesian & Balinese Goods

Would you like to source unique products from Bali, Indonesia? No problem with Sasha Globals Sourcing Agent Service!

You need a local Negotiator or Bali Sourcing Agent because you have no time to visit Bali?

Or, you come to Bali to search for products, but you don't want to gild your entire stay with the search for the right products and manufacturers and also want to have time for the beautiful things in Bali? The Solution is a Bali Sourcing Agent!


It can be really exhausting and time-consuming to find the right places and shops for the products you need. Not only because of the traffic and the heat, but also because many unique production sites are not on the main street and therefore difficult to find. Often the most beautiful products are made by family businesses that have their production facilities hidden in the "backyard".

For more than 15 years we have been sourcing and exporting products from Bali and Java all over the world.


Furthermore, we have special relationships with many different producers with whom we have been working for many years. This allows us to offer you unique products at an incredible price.


We offer our customers various professional services:


Bali Product Sourcig

You don't have time to visit Bali, but you need someone to search for products for you and take care of the export? We will do it for you! You will get our discounted dealer prices. Our fees are reasonable and fair.


Bali Sourcing Tour

You are planning to visit Bali and are looking for unique and high quality products for export? We know where to find the best furniture and other products! Then we take care of all the administrative activities necessary for the export / import of your products. You will not regret and have chosen! We know what we are doing!

Pick up, Drop & Hotel Reservation

You want to come to Bali for a sourcing tour, but you don't want to spend days looking for a suitable accommodation? Or you just don't know where to stay during your stay in Bali? If you book us, we will take care of that for you. In close consultation with you we will book the right accommodation for you! We know the best hotels and villas in Bali.
When you arrive in Bali, we will pick you up at the airport and bring you to your accommodation.
After your stay we will also bring you back to the airport if you wish.

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