bali indonesian products, Exotic Teak Wood, Teakholz Sofa, Couch and Daybed. For inddor and outdoor use. With small decorative teak table. luxury, beautiful and very elegant. Exotische Produkte mit Palmen im Hintergrund. Balinesische couch set
bali indonesian products, Exotic Teak Wood, Teakholz Sofa, Couch and Daybed. For inddor and outdoor use. With small decorative teak table. luxury, beautiful and very elegant. Exotische Produkte mit Palmen im Hintergrund. Balinesische couch set

Manufacture and Export Bali Products

& Bali Product Sourcing Service


Product Export & Product Sourcing Service from Bali & Indonesia

with Sasha Global Export Bali !


We are  Manufacturer (Producer), Sourcing Agent and Exporter for all kind of Products from Bali & Indonesia (Java).

We exporting Balinese & Indonesian Products all over the world and we are proud to offer you a wide range of high quality Balinese Furniture and other handmade Products.

Our Balinese Export Products are:

  • Furniture and Wood Products (Teak, Suar, Mahogany... ect),
  • Natural Stone Products (Marble & Onyx, Limestone, Greenstone... ect),
  • Balinese Interior and Exterior Design (from Rattan, Banana Leaves, Water Hyacinth... ect),
  • Outdoor Products (Water Feature, Lamps, Stone Carve, Pots, Planters... ect),
  • Typical Balinese Handicrafts and Carvings 
  • Building Materials (Claddings, Tiles, Loose Stones, Stone Murals ... ect),
  • and much much more....


"Sasha Global Export Bali" offers you a wide variety of export and sourcing services, including:

  • Complete Export Service from Bali and all of Indonesia to any Destination in the World

(whole export procedure and documentation, we provide all necessary documents and licenses)

  • Wholesale (Wholesale price for big projects like hotel, spa and building projects)
  • Manufacturing according to your wishes (made to order)
  • Bali Product Sourcing Agent Service (Procurement and Sourcing Tour to our Exclusive Producers and Suppliers)
  • Container Shipping Service (FLC, LCL, Air Freight....ect)

Bali is the island of gods and cultures. On Bali and in Indonesia you will find beautiful and unique treasures that are not to be found anywhere else in the world. These products have a very special look and make every home something special. You too can benefit from an exotic and natural environment. Turn your home into a "feel-good home". 



We bring this very special feeling to you. It has never been easier to export products from Bali and  indonesia. We are your all-in-one solution.


You order, we export! 

Check our exotic product overview below!

Our Indonesian / Balinese Export Products

Discover our Top-Products

Marbel, Onyx and Natural Stone Products

Elegant, Fine and High-Quality Natural Stone Products made from Stones of "The Indonesian Archipelago"


Give your home an exotic, modern and extraordinary feel, with our large selection of marble, onyx, terrazzo, sandstone, limestone, green stone, concrete and other natural stone products. Our high-quality products are excellently suited for interior and exterior decoration like bathroom, house, home and garden. 


Bathtub & Shower Base

Cladding, Tiles, Mosaic & Loose Stones

Garden Lamps & Wall Lampshade

Pedestal - Pots - Statues

Sink / Washbasin, Pedestal Sink

Tables, Chairs/Seating, Table Sets

Water Feature / Fountain  

Accessories & Other


Wood and Natural Material Furniture

Tropical, Exotic and Solid Bali Furniture for​ Indoor and Outdoor use.  


Are you looking for extraordinary,
comfortable and unique furniture for indoor and outdoor decoration? Then you are right here! Our exotic, antique but modern and elegant furniture are made from teak, recycled teak, mahogany, natural rattan, synthetic rattan, bamboo, banana leaves, water hyacinth and other natural materials and give you home an exotic and extravagant feeling.


Teak Wood Furniture

Teak & Bamboo Combination  Furniture -

- Recycled Teak Wood Furniture

- Mahogany Furniture -

- Rattan & Woven Furniture -

Natural Material Products and Accessories 

Lamps, Accessories and more made from Rattan,  Banana Leaves, Water Hyacinth , Bamboo, Coconut etc....


Our sortiment of high-quality natural material  products. Beautiful  lamps, accessories and other decorative products to give your home a elegant and exotic ambient. 



Exotic, Elegant and Luxury Furniture and Home Decor Products from Bali - Indonesia

Perfect Design and modern Luxury for Home, Hotel, Gastro and more. Transform your place into a beautiful and unique place with our Balinese Furniture and Home Decor Products. We guarantee best-quality products at reasonable prices. 

About Sasha Global Export from Bali

Sasha Global Export from Bali / Indonesia - What does we do?



We EXPORT from Bali / Indonesia to our customers all over the world products from Natural Stone (Marble, Onyx, Sandstone, Limestone, Green Stone, Terrazzo, etc), Javanese and Balinese Furnitures (from Teak Wood, Recycled Teak Wood, Rattan, Mahogany, Bamboo, Banana Leaves, Water Hyacinth, Natural Stone etc.), Handicraft, Wood Carving and beautiful Indonesian and Balinese Home Decor Accessories.


We are Sasha Global Export Bali, an Indonesian-German family business located in Bali, where we operate as an exporter, product wholesaler, manufacturer and procurement/sourcing agent of Indonesian and Balinese furniture, interior & exterior decor products, handicraft, wood carving and natural Indonesia / Bali stone products. We have seventeen years of experience as wholesaler, in product procurement, manufacturing and  export from Bali & Indonesia. Therefore, we have excellent local market and export business knowledge.


We offer you an extraordinary variety of exotic and elegant Indonesian and Balinese home decor products made from natural stone, marble, onyx, teak, mahogany, bamboo, rattan, banana leaves, coconut, water hyacinth and more. Our unique handmade furniture and home decor products are designed for indoor and outdoor use and giving your home an elegant and exotic feeling. Embellish your home, e.g. garden, living room, bathroom, kitchen ... etc, with our Indonesian and Balinese wood, natural stone and natural material products.



Handmade and made from sustainable raw materials


For us, it is very important that all our products are handmade and made from sustainable raw materials. The sustainability of the natural resources, from which our products are made, is very important for us.

Our handmade products are unique, from high-quality and can not be compared with other Asian products from the mass production.



High-quality at reasonable prices


Due to our many years of experience and the excellent relationship with our suppliers and Indonesian & Balinese furniture and product manufacturers, we can guarantee top quality and best service at affordable prices. Our quality management regularly checks whether the products meet our high-quality requirements. Only then are these included in our product list. As we continually improve and constantly review and update our products, we can ensure that only excellent products leave our warehouse and find their way to you. We can guarantee that we have the best Bali export furniture and products.



Procurement / Sourcing and Shopping Trip Service


We also offer you a "procurement / sourcing and shopping trip service". Visit or meet us in Bali and we will take you to our suppliers and producers and show you the goods you are interested in, in our exhibitions rooms and warehouses. Of course without obligation! We will help you find the best, most beautiful and unique products from Bali and Indonesia! After that, if you want, we will fill up your container and ship it to your port.

Give us a call, send us an email or contact us on WhatsApp to make an appointment.


Indonesia / Bali Export Furniture & Products, Shipping, Packaging, and Delivery of your goods


We accompany you from product selection to shipment and delivery of the goods. We take care of the selection of the right containers and ensure that they are properly filled and shipped with your products. Of course, we also organize and check the right and economical packaging of your goods.
Let us manage the complete export shipping process for you and we will ship the container/s with your goods (Furniture, Stones, Wood Carving etc.) to the destination of your choice. We are Indonesia / Bali export experts and we know exactly what is needed to export Furniture and other goods from Indonesia into countries around the globe. Furthermore, we supervise the complete process and send the export documentation (bill of lading, etc) to you to expedite your shipment to your satisfaction. We will take care of everything until you have received the goods at your destination without any problems. Click here for more information about our Indonesia, Bali export and shipping options.



Individual production according to customer requirements (made to order)


You want something we do not have or something we do have but different? No problem! Just get inspired by our product pictures and tell us what you need. We will help you to create the right design and product, just as you like it.

Our manufacturers and we will customize it according to your wishes. Individual production according to customer requirements is one of our services for you.


Naturally, we will advise you comprehensively, pay attention to you individually wishes and requirements and we will always find the right products and solution for you!


No matter what you are looking for, have fun surfing through our Balinese & Indonesian export online store!!!


If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will personally deal with your concerns. We are 24 hours available for you.


Your Sasha Global Bali Export Team



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